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Artisanal Cheeses

A wide selection of delicious cheeses to take home. Many of our cheeses are priced by weight, so please visit us in-store to make your selections.

L'Adoray , shop product L'Adoray $20.00
Le Pizy , shop product Le Pizy $15.00

Gourmet Food

Fine spices, sauces, and ingredients

Sandbanks Jellies , shop product Sandbanks Jellies Starting at $6.99
Cressy Mustard , shop product Cressy Mustard Starting at $9.99
County Fare Products , shop product County Fare Products Starting at $9.99
Curied Spice Co. Spices , shop product Curied Spice Co. Spices Starting at $4.99
Georgian Bay Granola , shop product Georgian Bay Granola Starting at $12.99
Epicurial Seasonings , shop product Epicurial Seasonings Starting at $6.99
David's Spices & Rubs , shop product David's Spices & Rubs Starting at $6.50
Yoshi Asian Seasonings , shop product Yoshi Asian Seasonings Starting at $7.99
Sandy Flat Maple Syrup , shop product Sandy Flat Maple Syrup Starting at $12.99
Local Honey , shop product Local Honey Starting at $7.99
Barb's Handmade Pierogi , shop product Barb's Handmade Pierogi Starting at $16.00

Coffee & Tea

Make our coffee & teas at home

Ste Anne's Teas , shop product Ste Anne's Teas Starting at $16.99
Gourmet Diem Coffee , shop product Gourmet Diem Coffee Starting at $15.99

Snacks & Treats

Decadent chocolate, honey & munchies

Fine Wine, Beer & Cocktails

Local wines, craft beer & bitters

Crafted Local Beer , shop product Crafted Local Beer Starting at $5.75
Prince Edward County Wines , shop product Prince Edward County Wines Starting at $21.00


Kitchen accessories, home decor, candles

BBQ Accessories , shop product BBQ Accessories Starting at $9.99
Mimico Candles , shop product Mimico Candles Starting at $12.99

Gift Ideas

Custom Gift Baskets , shop product Custom Gift Baskets Starting at $50.00


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